Petite 85-year-old woman mesmerizes the internet with her jaw-dropping piano skills


It goes without saying that in order for a person to excel in something, it takes constant practice, discipline and dedication. Even natural talents need to be honed in order for a person to reach their full potential. The video below which was uploaded by YouTube user kimurama1, showcases a frail old lady sitting at a piano presumably to start playing it.

Even though she is advanced in her years and her general movements are slow and delicate, she becomes a different person when she starts playing the black and white keys of the piano.  The 85-year-old displays her skills which must have taken years of practice to develop. She hardly looks at the keys as she performs a complex piece from Franz Schubert,  “Impromptu Opus 90 No. 4”.

She makes herself comfortable before going through the notes for the piece she’s about to play

Even though she looks feeble, the moment she starts playing, everyone around her is all ears

She plays Schubert’s “Impromptu Opus 90 No. 4” which is an incredibly complex piece to perform

She played the song perfectly and with such ease that it can only be attributed to the years she has spent playing the instrument 

This grandmother was one with the piano and although there was someone designated to turn the pages of her notes for her, she hardly looked at the score sheet 

The song was performed with such heart and soul that only the truly passionate could have pulled it off

Her fingers moved nimbly and swiftly across the various keys that it becomes hard to keep up with her

After she completed her piece, she stood up slowly and with great difficulty but she wore an expression of satisfaction

The video has since been viewed over half a million times on YouTube and 2.3 million on Twitter

Watch her play her craft below and get mind-blown:


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