Little boy catches a big catch of the day with just his toy fishing rod


One little boy unexpectedly turned a game into an unforgettable moment when he caught the catch of the day with his toy fishing rod.

The heart-warming video shows the boy casting a line during a fishing trip with his mom, dad and older sister in Hanceville, Alabama.

What started out as a game took a twist when the boy managed to reel in a real fish when it latched onto the boy’s rod.

With the help of his dad, the boy reeled in the surprise catch

Throughout the video, the boy giggles with sheer excitement as his dad encourages and cheers alongside him.

After he pulls the fish out of the water, his sister then runs over to him and gives him a big hug! 

The little boy even poses with his catch afterwards to commemorate the special moment as he puts on a huge grin on his face

Watch the full video below to see how this little boy catches his first ever fish with a toy fishing rod here


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