Heartbreaking video of a 3-year-old boy working hard to lift bags of coals to earn a living


It is hard to imagine young children working as cheap labour while they are supposed to spend their childhood days playing with friends. Unfortunately, it is not an option for this young boy from Thailand. 

This 3-year-old boy has to work at such a tender age to support his struggling family.

This video shows how hard the boy is working to pick the heavy sacks to the truck to earn a living 

With his tiny body, the little boy tries his best to lift the bags filled with coals

Since the video was uploaded on Facebook, it has garnered over 1.5 million.

Many people find their hearts break at the sight of this young boy who cannot enjoy his childhood to help his family

There are even some comments said that they were reminded of their difficult childhood when they saw the video of the boy.

Watch the heart-breaking video of this young boy here 


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