Cheeky kids pranked dad and he had the shock of his life while blowing dried leaves from the yard


Doing chores is hardly ever eventful and most people are forced to do them out of duty. This father-of-two took up his leaf blower with the intention of getting rid of the massive amount of dried leaves that has accumulated in his yard.

With the leaf blower strapped securely to his back and ear muffs to cancel out the loud roar of the machine, he set out to do the chore. Little did he know that his wife and kids had something mischievous planned…


The dad comes across a huge pile of leaves and starts to slowly blow them away

He thought it was just a regular pile of leaves and so he expected nothing out of the ordinary to happen 

Suddenly, he stumbles back in utter shock that he falls on his behind!

Watch how these sly kids managed to scare the daylights out of their dad:


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