A family sets up cameras to find out who is stealing food from their refrigerator and was shocked to see the culprit


Most pet owners love their pets unconditionally and they are willing to spend huge sums of money to make sure their pets have every comfort afforded to them. Pet owners will buy expensive treats, toys and lush bedding so their animals will feel pampered. With this being said, there are certain things these pets want that are not sold in pet stores.

This family has been plagued with a mysterious case of food disappearing from their refrigerator. They would keep leftovers in it only to find it missing the next day and since none of the family members admit to taking the food, they decided to set up a camera to catch the thief. What they found was truly unexpected!


Here is the set up below, there is a camera inside the fridge and a camera pointed towards the it

Soon after the leftover pizza was left inside the refrigerator, their dog slowly approaches it 

It looks around to see if there are any witnesses then proceeds jump on the counter and open the door

It successfully retrieves the last piece of pizza and gobbles it up in no time

So the furry thief was caught red-handed! Watch the puppy in the act below:


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