These Shaolin masters can break a piece of glass with a needle!


A needle is not meant to pierce a piece of glass and that is a fact that many of us know. However, these Shaolin masters beg to differ.

In a video produced by the biggest channel for slow-motion videos, The Slow Mo Guys, the channel teamed up with Shaolin monks who are popular for their martial art skills to demonstrate how possible it is to throw a needle through a glass.

Piercing needle through a glass is actually a form of martial arts and it is the highest art of Shaolin.

It is also the hardest to master as it can take a decade for a Shaolin monk to successfully execute it

The slow-motion footage captured the Shaolin master throwing a needle towards the pane of glass which turns the glass to crack and sends shards flying into a balloon on the other side, causing it to pop.

Thanks to the slow-motion clip, we can see that the needle really cracks the glass!

The science behinds it is quite clear; a minimum speed of 150 kilometres is needed for a needle to pierce the glass sheet

However, it is not all that it takes to pierce a glass.

According to the monks, it also requires a combination of focus and vital energy called ‘chi’

Watch how the Shaolin monk pierce the glass sheet with just a needle here


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