Grandpa opens his window and calls out—later, an unlikely ‘friend’ comes to visit him


83-year-old João Silvestrini was only intending to spruce up his garden a little by planting new trees at his residence in Barretos, Sao Paolo in south-central Brazil.

Little did he know that his new trees would gain him new friends from the forest!

Silvestrini noticed that his new jaboticaba tree has attracted several hummingbirds to his garden so he began to leave water out on his sill to keep the birds around

While the hummingbirds took advantage of the birdfeeder, one bird, in particular, built a nest in the wall of Silvestrini’s home. One day when the old man whistling to the birds, the hummingbird came to the nest with her newly hatched baby bird.

After a while, the mother stopped coming to his house but the baby still continues to come to visit him once in a while

Silvestrini shared a video of his beautiful friendship with the hummingbird on the internet and the world could not get enough with their fascinating relationship.

Watch their blossoming friendship here


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