Hilarious video of a seagull casually walks into a store and grabs a packet of chips like it is nothing


Imagine you are in a shop and suddenly you see someone taking something from the shelf and just walk out of the shop casually without paying for the item first.

You would be surprised or at least try to notify the store manager that someone is stealing from the store. But what happens when the thief looks as adorable as in the video?

In the video, a seagull can be seen walking into a store in Liverpool and stealing a packet of chips like it is nothing. The seagull even watches around in case anyone is watching its action

Apparently, the seagull is a regular thief at the store and the owner just let it has its supply of chips every now and then

What a lucky seagull!

Watch the hilarious video of the seagull calmly walks into the store and picks its favourite chips here


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