This motorcyclist encountered the worst nightmare on a busy highway. Later, a truck driver saw him


A motorcyclist encountered the worst nightmare when he was riding on a busy highway. Luckily, a kind-hearted truck driver sensed his problem and came to his rescue.

It is definitely the worst scenario to have our vehicle stops running on a busy highway. So when this motorcyclist was stranded in the middle of a highway when his superbike broke down, a truck driver came to help him.

The truck driver helped the motorcyclist by blocking incoming vehicles while the motorcyclist made his way to the side of the highway

He stopped his truck right behind the motorcyclist and moved slowly to the right side as the motorcyclist moved to the emergency lane

Thankfully, it did not take much time for the motorcyclist to get to the roadside

We cannot imagine if he did not get the help from the truck driver. He could get into a serious accident since the highway was bustling with cars. We definitely need more people like the thoughtful truck driver!

Watch how the truck driver helped the motorcyclist here


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