This kind young boy was determined to help his disabled friend get onto the swing with him


Children are born without prejudice and they don’t have preconceived notions about other people. They do not see the difference in color, race, religion or ability. So when children make friends with other children, they usually do it based solely on whether the person is kind or fun to be around.

Felipe Wendel and Augusto Barbieri are two boys who are the best of friends. Felipe does not care about the fact that Augusto has a disability which confines him to a wheelchair all day. They hang out and play together very often. Felipe cares for his friend immensely and when they got two person swing-set, he was determined to help his friend up onto it.

Felipe can be seen physically helping Augusto onto the swing set in a video captured by their parents 

It was no easy task but Felipe was determined to ride the swing with his friend on it

Watch the unconditional friendship these two boys share as Felipe helps Augusto up onto the swing:


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