This is may be the coolest way to travel the world with the comfort of your home


When planning a holiday, many people overlook the idea of travelling in a caravan and instead choose the costly options like hotels and flights. However, caravans can also give you plenty of benefits especially if you are budget conscious.

Renting a caravan for a road trip can save you money on accommodation and even on transportation. If you are travelling with your family or friends, you can save the money by renting a caravan instead of everyone having to pay tickets for bus, train or flight.

Furthermore, a caravan is both of your accommodation and transportation

As hotels often take a major portion of your budget, renting a caravan that is more affordable than a night at a five-star hotel can allow you to splurge more on souvenirs and food.

However, there can be restrictions on renting a caravan sometimes. While this transportation mode is popular in the US and Europe, travelling in a caravan is rather new to many other parts of the world.

Nevertheless, do not hold back your dream. In this video, it shows you how to convert your regular van into a caravan!

And the best thing is you get to design your own caravan and install or put anything that you would need when travelling like a cosy double bed 

You can even install a shower and a toilet so there is no need to find a camper side whenever you want to go to the toilet

Watch how this man builds his dream caravan that literally looks comfortable as a house here


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