This baby’s first time trying ice-cream will be the most precious thing you see today


Children are blank canvasses, everything they experience after they’re born will be for the first time. It can be immensely amusing sometimes to see them try an array of things for the first time such as the various tastes of food or their first encounter with animals. Below is a video of a baby’s ‘first time’ tasting something we as adults are familiar with.

The video is of an adorable child tasting ice cream for the first time and her reaction is just precious!

The child’s mother places the ice cream cone to the baby’s mouth

Judging by the wide smile, she seems to like the cold, sweet treat

Even her mother could not help but to giggle along!

She’s wondering if she wants to go in for another bite…

It’s no surprise that the child loves ice cream because there’s nothing better than a sweet treat anytime of the day

Seeing the screenshots will not do this video justice so watch the complete  recording below:



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