Strange footage of girl rescued from car accident by mysterious black figure went viral


There are times when some events or incidents go unexplained just like this girl who was saved by a mysterious angel who appeared from nowhere.

In the video, it can be seen that the girl attempts to cross the road despite seeing cars speeding towards her.

It remains a mystery whether the girl crosses the road on purpose or she was unaware of the second car coming towards her

As the girl is just inches to getting hit by the second car, a black figure immediately rescued her and takes her to the other side of the road.

After the incident, the driver stops his car and goes out to check on the girl, only to be left stunned seeing her unharmed as the mysterious angel walks off the scene

The video has taken the internet by storm with the online community being divided into three views: those who think the rescuer is a ghost, those who think the rescuer is a superhero like comic book legend the Flash, and those who think the rescue is an elaborate hoax.

Nevertheless, no one has come forward to tell the truth or claim as a witness to the incident.

Watch the supernatural incident here


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