Man thought he could get away with robbery but failed to see a guard lurking around the corner


Theft and crime can happen to anyone at anytime and that is why many individuals choose to install a plethora of security measures to guard their homes. Most homes are equipped with alarms and security cameras which are intended to deter criminals from entering the vicinity or to capture them red-handed.

Some people prefer to forego these fancy gadgets and resort to the old fashioned way of protecting their homes

Here we see a suspicious figure trying to steal the vehicle

Just when he thought the cost was clear, he was surprised to see something coming towards him

It turns out that this family had a not-so-friendly pet dog and it did not welcome the uninvited guest 

The man panicked and tried to escape but the hound was not letting him go that easily

Apparently this dog wasn’t alone because another equally fierce canine came up behind it

The thief managed to escape in the end but we bet he won’t be coming back to this house anytime soon

Watch him get caught red handed and chased away below:


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