Man melts crayons in a hot pan and what happens next is amazing


Have you ever thought what happens when crayons are melted and what we can do with it? This interesting video will show you the answers.

Crayon is a stick of coloured wax or chalk which is often used in drawing and writing. However, there are many other uses that not many know. Apart from turning melted crayon into candle and rainbow art, it can also be used to make coloured smoke bombs!

You will need potassium nitrate, sugar, baking soda, oven and oil-based crayons. Remember to use only oil-based crayons as only this type of crayon will work.

First, take several crayons and placed them on a hot pan. Let them melt

Then, add three tablespoons of potassium nitrate, two tablespoons of sugar and one tablespoon of baking soda. Mix the mixture well

After that, put the mixture onto a piece of paper. Add a firework fuse and wrap it up. Put this inside a paper towel roll.

Light the fuse and enjoy the colourful explosion of the smoked bomb!

Watch this full video to find out more about the process


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