This boy got himself stuck in a tight spot but what he did to free himself was genius!


Children have a talent for getting themselves into impossible situations, much like a cat who climbs a tree and doesn’t know how to come down. By the same token, a boy named Joey got his head stuck in a railing and he could not free himself. His family was at a loss as to how he even got his head through in the first place.

Joey was messing about one day and playfully put his head between the railings but could not get himself out
He remained calm but his family struggled to release their son from the railing

His father tried prying the iron bars apart in hopes that that would do the trick

It did not work however because the solid iron bars did not budge

Joey then had a brilliant idea and that was to try something radical

Instead of trying to pull his head out, he pushed his body through the railing

He was ecstatic to have been freed of his shackles

A moment of critical thought saved this boy from the tight spot he found himself in. Watch the whole fiasco below:



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