These miniature horses are the cutest things to walk on four hooves you’ll ever see!


Miniature horses can be found in most nations primarily in Europe and the Americas. These adorable creatures look exactly like the full-grown horses most of us are familiar with but with one big exception, they are significantly smaller.

Depending on the particular breed, these miniature horses can stand at a height of anywhere from 34 to 38 inches. Although these small horses fit into a height-based definition and can be considered a very small pony, many breeds retain horse-like characteristics and are labelled as legitimate horses.

These miniature horses are bred to be friendly and to interact well with people which is the reason they are often kept as family pets

These adorable creatures have very good temperaments and are docile 

They interact extremely well with children and can serve as their play-mates

Small children can ride them just as adults can ride a regular full-grown horse

The average height of these miniature horses range from approximately 80 cm to 100 cm

The breeding method for this species is the same as that of regular horses

These tiny horses can reach speeds of up to 36 km/h and they can carry up to 2/3 of it’s body weight

Here is a comparison of a mini horse and a regular horse

Even though they are small, they need plenty of space to gallop around outdoors

 Watch these little munchkins in action below:



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