Traffic officer finds an abandoned piano on the roadside. What happens next quickly becomes viral


They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So it seems when a traffic warden comes across an abandoned piano on the side of a street in London.

It appears that the traffic warden is performing his duty round when he discovers the antique piano in the neighborhood.

He decides to play a tune on the piano, it turns out that the piano is still in good condition!

He then starts to play and seems like he got lost in the moment while showing off his impressive musical talent. Luckily, someone caught his spectacular impromptu performance on camera for the whole world to see

The ‘traffic warden’ is actually Brendan Kavanagh or also known as Dr. K, a professional pianist. He has a Youtube channel where most of his videos show him dressing up in a uniform or in disguise or playing piano at crowded random places around London

He has played with several famous bands like Dexy’s Midnight Runners, the Jools Holland Big Band and The Pet Shop Boys.

Watch Kavanagh play his signature boogie woogie piano tune here


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