This handmade fish trap is made out of banana trunk and date palm tree thorns


Other than the costly fishing rods, there is another fishing equipment that is much cheaper and more efficient—fish traps. Apart from being budget-friendly, fish traps earn its reputation as it can catch many fish at a time.

Fish traps are often can be made from natural sources that you can find around like bamboo and plastic bottles. In this video, local people in Bangladesh make this handmade fish trap from banana trunk and thorns from date palm tree.

To make this unique fish trap, a banana trunk with a length between eight to ten feet is needed as well as around 100 thorns of date palm tree


First, they make a pipe by using the banana trunk and place the thorns inside the hollow trunk

Then, they place the fish trap in a river and just wait until the trap is full of catch! As fish enters the trap, the thorns block them from escaping the trap

Within just a few hours, they manage to catch many fish by using the fish trap!

Amazing, isn’t it?

Watch the whole process of making this handmade fish trap here 


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