This genius hack for threading a needle is totally easy for anyone to try


Whether you are helping your grandmother or trying to stitch the tear on your shirt, all of us have had our fair share in frustrations with threading a needle.

Even after all the licking and coaxing the thread into the sewing needle’s super tiny hole, there are times when the thread seems to not end up going through the needle.

Luckily, there is a hack that you could use to thread a needle and it does not involve you eyeballing the needle at all!

Twitter user John Bick shared a video that shows an extremely easy hack to thread a needle. The video has definitely caught the attention of millions of people who are struggling with the same issue

Since it was shared by Bick on his Twitter, the video has been retweeted over 58,000 times and received 6.29 million views!

While some users claim that the hack does not work, others say that it does. Bick agrees that it certainly takes several practices to get it right

Nevertheless, it might be the easiest method so far for threading a needle!

Watch the full video below to find out more about this sewing hack



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