These construction workers use a domino effect to lay bricks and it is truly epic


Many may think that construction labor does not need specific skills or expertise like using physics concept but these creative construction workers will prove you wrong.

Construction might be one of the most gruelling jobs in the world as construction workers need to stay under the sun and sometimes, in the cold in every construction project.

However, these construction workers came up with a genius solution that can reduce their workload and time to lay bricks and it is totally mind-blowing

The workers used physics to help them lay the bricks in which they used domino effect to line up all the bricks in a perfect line

First, they line up the bricks on the wall and carefully place each of them with an even gap between them, just like how you place each domino when you play the game

Next, they tip one into the next brick just like dominoes, setting off a chain reaction

But, how does domino effect help in brick-laying? 

Watch this full video to find out how the chain reaction turns all the bricks into one single layer


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