Terrifying footage of selfish driver stopping abruptly in the middle of a highway


What must you do if you miss the exit on a highway? While most people would continue to drive until they reach the next exit, one driver seems to have a different solution which leads to multiple crashes!

This dramatic footage shows a careless driver whose selfish action has caused two trucks to involve in an accident.

The footage begins with the driver in a white car who is driving in the middle of a highway. The car suddenly stops and attempts to turn to the right

Unfortunately, due to the irresponsible car stopping abruptly on the road, a red lorry topples onto its side after swerving wildly to avoid crashing into the white car

Seconds after that, the white car continues to make a U-turn. This time, another truck ends up skidding on the highway but the white car casually drives past the second truck and enters the exit

It has been reported that the accident occurs Zhejiang Province, East China, according to local police. The highway has been identified as Changchun-Shenzhen Expressway, also known as ‘G25’.

Fortunately, the two truck drivers did not suffer any serious injuries.

Watch the full footage of the accident here 



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