Raccoon forms a chain over a fence so that mom can rescue her stranded baby


A small family of raccoons shows the world what a good teamwork means even if they have to climb up a tall concrete barrier.

In a video that has become an internet sensation, it can be seen that two members of the family form a chain with the biggest raccoon which is presumably the mother trying to reach out to her offspring.

Police officer Chris Williams was working as a high school security guard when he noticed the heartwarming scene on the side of a road.

He then stopped and recorded the whole incident with his phone. He was amused to witness the mother raccoon scaling down the concrete fence to rescue her child that had fallen onto the pavement.

Meanwhile, her other child was holding onto its mother’s legs.

“Great example of a mother’s love and teamwork!” he wrote after watching the daring rescue unfolded before him.

Watch the beautiful teamwork of the little family here


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