Three sisters are happily dancing with a mascot—then they burst into tears


Having to be separated from your family member might be one of the most heartbreaking experience and this is what these sisters from Philadelphia, the United States have to go through when their military dad is deployed overseas.

However, they are going to be reunited once again. But this time, the sisters do not know about that!

During a recent Philadelphia Phillies baseball game, sisters Bronwyn, Abigail and Alena Rowton are participating a goofy dance contest

They dance alongside the Phillie Phanatic, the baseball team’s official mascot

However, suddenly the music abruptly stops

And a figure dressed up in full military uniform runs towards them. It is their dad! 

Air Force Maj. Robert Rowton runs onto the field, surprising his wife, Jill Rowton, and the three kids

When the siblings realise what is happening, they begin sobbing and run to their dad

The family then embraced each other after being separated for a long time

There is no dry eye in the stadium that night as everyone sheds tears at the touching sight

Watch the emotional reunion here:


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