This wooden deck may look like a typical deck but watch what happens when it sinks


There is no doubt that having a swimming pool at home is probably one of the best things ever. Unfortunately, it remains a dream for many people due to lack of space and for parents with young children, it does not sound like an ideal investment to have an uncovered pool around the house. 

However, this company from the United States has come up a very creative solution—a movable floor system that can cover the entire swimming pool and serves as a deck when in use.

Agor, a company that specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing custom mechanical swimming pool floors designed this masterpiece. When fully raised, the floor functions like a typical wooden deck but when you decide to take a splash in the pool, it can be lowered back to the bottom of the pool..

When it transforms into a deck, the floor is strong enough to accommodate hundreds of kilogrammes per square metre.

Watch the incredible transformation video of the wooden deck doubles as a pool floor and pool cover here


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