This mother cat was worried when her newborn kitten wasn’t breathing, until her owner came and helped them out


Mother’s are amazing beings by virtue of having the ability to create life and give birth. Although the social roles of mothers vary in terms of culture, time and social class, they are generally looked to as the primary caregiver to their children.

This mother cat is about to give birth to her litter of kittens

The process of giving birth is not only painful but also the riskiest part in ensuring her kittens will survive to adulthood 

Mothers are wiling to face all kinds of risks during pregnancy and childbirth to bring their children into this world 

The creation of life is not only exclusive to humans as virtually all animals will go through the same process 

This mother cat was worried when one of her kittens was not breathing, until her owner helped resuscitate her baby

Watch the heartwarming moment below:


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