This extreme sport lets you fly from the edge of a mountain


This breathtaking video of base jumpers leaping from the height of 1000 metres has gone viral with over 30 million views within a few days.

The video which shows the base jumpers leaping from the edge of Norway’s Kjerag mountain was captured by photographer Simen Haughom’s and posted on the Spectacular Norway Facebook page.

The amazing shots see 250 adrenaline junkies jumping from the mountain fearlessly. The event which took place in Fjerag was completed within three days

1,100 jumps were recorded in the event

All the jumpers were equipped with a parachute or wingsuit. The high-risk sport involves flying or jumping from a fixed structure like a cliff or a building

Watch the thrilling video here and see for yourself how these jumpers fearlessly jump from the mountain: 


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