Nerve-wracking footage reveals the most dangerous intersection in the world


Recently, a short film with a one-minute duration was broadcasted by Gecko, a clothing brand from Vietnam has the whole country reacted with shock.

As the film begins, several cars drive by in a straight line followed by cyclists, motorists, and more cars intersect at probably one of the most dangerous intersection in the world!

What shocking is all the motorists, cyclists and the pedestrians seem to know which step to take and to avoid. In spite of the dangerous road manner, there are no accidents occur

Is this for real?

The truth is, the film is actually an advertisement by the clothing brand. The brand is one of the most famous brands in Vietnam that it boasts 400,000 followers on Facebook alone.

Thankfully, the nerve-wracking scene is only a commercial. Imagine if it really happened in real life? How would the road turn out?



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