Man goes viral for controversial therapy that can cure back pain by just using hammer


In a recent video that has the internet buzzing, a traditional pain healer from Maharashtra rose to fame overnight for his unconventional back pain treatment.

In the short video, he can be seen sitting next to a patient who is lying face down. The traditional healer also has a hammer in his right hand.

Throughout the video, he is seen knocking the entire length of the patient’s backbone with his hammer with a great pressure. The nerve-wracking treatment is also aimed at the back of the knee joint and the calf muscles.

Even though the treatment looks awfully painful, there is a long line of people waiting for their turn to get the back pain treatment which has been making claims that it can cure back pain in an instant.

As the video reaches its end, the healer then asks the patient to get up and the man can surprisingly touch his toes easily!

However, doctors claim that such treatments are harmful and ineffective as it can result in the inflammation of tissues and muscles. Also, the spinal cord which connects the end of brain stem and the bottom of the backbone is fragile and contains a lot of spinal nerves.

Injuries to the backbone and the spinal cord can result in paralysis and the person may not be able to control his or her movements like bladder movement, regulate body temperature and even breathing on their own.

Watch the viral video of the hammer therapy here 


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