Chubby toddler starts to get upset but when she sees the camera, everything changes


We live in an era of people taking self-portraits, or selfies as they are more commonly known as, regularly. Applications such as Instagram and Snapchat contribute to the younger generation’s growing obsession of taking pictures of everything in their day to day lives.

People have now become so used to having a camera being pointed at them that most individuals have bred an automatic response to it. Many of them would know to strike a pose so they would look good in the picture because once a that picture is taken, it can be shared with hundreds of people on social media. It is important to look your best and display all the right angles so the picture will look flattering.

Even children know of this importance and there’s no better example than this young girl in the video below. She looks as if she was having a tantrum but as soon as her mother calls her and she spots the camera, her anger is forgotten. She strikes a red carpet-worthy pose with a hand on her hip and another to her face.

The young girl can be seen pacing back and forth on the kitchen table looking very upset and is about to cry when she notices the camera

She forget that she was upset and instantly strikes a demure pose, she even smiles for the camera which makes her family burst out into fits of laughter

Watch the cheeky child in the footage below:


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