Could this strange contraption be the next big thing after boats and jet-skis?


There has to be a point in time when you imagined having the power to traverse over land and sea without having to rely on vehicles. There are jet skis and boats available but only very few individuals can afford to own or rent one.

To those people who still want to journey across the water’s surface but cannot afford it, worry not because this strange contraption might be the answer. It doesn’t look like anything fancy but it can help you tread over water with relative ease.

This gadget is akin to that of a bicycle but instead of cycling, you will need to use your body to bob up and down on it to keep afloat.


The first person who gets on the device makes it look like a breeze to work it

He then explains to the next person the trick to staying afloat and using the peculiar water contraption

He donned a life jacket just in case he doesn’t make it across the murky waters 

He was probably thinking “So far, so good” as he set off into the distance

Curious to see this ‘vehicle’ at work? Watch the video below:


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