These perfectly timed moments of people falling and slipping on ice are just too hilarious


For many people, winter means playing in the snow and making snowmen. There is always something special about snow because there is nothing serene than seeing your backyard covered in a sheet of white and pristine snow.

It may be fun to walk on the snow-covered footpath but snowy pavements are extremely slippery.

Imagine putting on your boots and you walk very carefully on the icy road but then you slowly lose control and before you know it, you are already lying on the snowy surface!

Sometimes, you cannot defeat the snow even when you put on your best winter boots

“Don’t worry! I can still hold on to this…or maybe not!”

“Please don’t fall, don’t fall. I am not ready for another slip. It is too slippery!”

Watch this video of people falling and slipping on ice. We have to warn you—it is hilarious!


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