This incredible life-saving tube can save hundreds of people from a burning building in under a few minutes


Many people are not aware of how difficult and dangerous it can be to save victims trapped in a raging fire in a high-rise building. Sometimes, firefighters need hours to save all the trapped victims from the fire.

Fortunately, a British designer had created a life-saving evacuation chute that can instantly rescue nearly 20 to 25 trapped victims from as high as a 24-storey building to a safe area within a minute.

This escape tube can be adapted to fit any building in which the victims can use it from their respective floor.

The fire-resistant device supports a user by the waist who can control the speed of descent by pressing against the tube’s side. The tube will let the user to vertically slide down to lower floors

Currently, the device allows victims who are trapped from as high as the 50th floor to escape to the ground safely

It is even safe and convenient for the elderly and young children to use.

Watch how the escape tube works here


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