These futuristic innovations from China are the coolest gadgets you need in your life


Have you ever thought of a lighter that also works like a phone, a hologram watch and a luggage that can follow you around the airport? 

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see newly developed technologies and gadgets created to cater the fast-changing human civilization. As the world becomes more advanced, so does technology.

Highly-developed countries like Japan, Germany, South Korea, and the United States are some of the leading nations in innovation and technology. However, these past few decades see a competitive rival in the scene—China.

In fact, China has begun to invent modern and futuristic gadgets like hologram watch, fashion scanner that can also act like a stylist and lighter that also works like a mobile phone at the same time

If these gadgets do not interest you, look at the smart luggage that can follow you to wherever you go!

Looking at the rapid progress that China has shown these recent years, it is not surprising if the country could become the world’s most developed country one day. Do you agree?

Watch these futuristic made-in-China gadgets for yourself here


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