These are the reasons why winter is the funniest season of the year


For four-season countries, winter is probably the time when people dread the most unlike the cheerful and warm summer season. Heavy snowfall, subzero temperatures, and freezing weather are several reasons why some people are not fans of winter.

However, there are undoubtedly those who look forward to the coldest season as they can surf and walk on frozen lakes and rivers!

Just like a magical scene from a movie where you could freely surf on a frozen lake

In order to remind everyone that winter can be funny as opposed to boring and unpleasant, we have compiled hilarious videos we could find featuring people falling and slipping on ice

Even though it may seem a bit cold-hearted, you have to watch their priceless reactions after they fell!

And just remember when you choose to snuggle up in your bed with your blanket, there are some people who are willing to brave the cold weather to see whether or not the water is completely frozen during winter 

Watch the compilation of hilarious videos of these people showing how fun winter season can be here:


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