Smoking will wreck your internal organs and health—watch this experiment!


Are you a smoker? Or do you have family or friends who smoke?

Everyone knows that smoking harms nearly every organ in your body and yet, people still continue to do it. Well, take a look at this experiment which was set up to show exactly what cigarettes do to your body and you may change your mind.

30 packs of cigarettes were used which was a total of 600 stick of cigarettes

This experiment was conducted using 30 packets of cigarettes totaling to 600 sticks of cigarettes. A glass container with a plastic tube was set up to emulate a person’s lungs and trachea. The container was filled with cotton to show how the cigarettes will affect it.

The cigarettes were then placed one by one in an opening in the glass container and left to burn. After a while the color of the cotton began to change and it was shocking.

This was how the experiment was set up

This was how the container looked after the experiment 

The cotton, container and tubes were all affected and was discolored. They were lined with brown gunk and smelt disgusting.

Watch the entire experiment below:


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