Humans aren’t the only ones who are afraid of needles—this dog is a good example


It seems like the fear of needles and injections are not exclusive to human beings.

This Shiba Inu was taken the vet and had to get an injection and it was terrified! A nurse had to hold it tight while it whined and howled. Little did the pup know that this was only for it’s own good.

Just look at how scared it was in the video below:

So, if you want to bring your pet to the animal clinic here are a few ways you can do so to ensure it is at ease.

1) Ask someone to come along with you to the clinic so they can hold your pet. This will not only cam your pet down but it is also a lot safer to have someone watch your pet while you drive or vice versa.

2) Use an Adaptil spray which is a pheromone that will calm your pet down and reduce their anxiety.

3) Play relaxing music in your car while you are on your way to the veterinarian. There are numerous songs on YouTube entitled “Through a Dog’s Ear” which is dedicated to help dog’s relax and reduce their anxiety.

For highly anxious pets, talk to your veterinarian and see if they do house calls so your dog can be treated in the comfort of your home.


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