These teens pull off incredibly dangerous stunts hundreds of feet above the ground


When you stand on the edge of a high-rise building, chances are that your palms will get sweaty, your heart rate will increase and your knees will feel weak. This is a regular response because fear is our body’s natural response to perceived danger.

The videos these teens post on their YouTube page will make you have that same response while sitting in front of the computer screen because of the fear we have for them. These adrenaline junkies perform teeth-clenching tricks on the roofs of high-rise buildings without any form of safety equipment.

This guy is doing a crazy stunt. Don’t try this at home!

Watch the video below, if you dare:

They display astounding self-control when they’re hanging off the side of a building, hundreds of feet from the ground. They aren’t even being paid because they do these life-threatening tricks for the rush of it.


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