Taiwanese man completely stuns netizens with his superhuman speed of peeling whole pineapples in less than a minute!


When you keep doing something for a long time, you will tend to develop a certain aptitude for it. This man in Taiwan is so incredibly swift at taking the hard skins off of pineapples that he does it in under a minute.

He can also easily use his sharpened knife to peel the skin clean off of watermelons, limes and other various fruits.

Watch him in action below:

The precision this fruit monger displays echoes that of a well-oiled machine. Spectators are stunned in seeing the ease of how this man remove the skins of his fruits.

In fact one of them took a video of him doing exactly that and posted it on the internet and netizens were equally mesmerized.

Some have commented that there seems to be a certain rhythm to how he cuts his fruits. Others have proposed that this man is secretly a ninja. One thing is for sure, cutting fruits to him looks like it’s almost second nature.


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