Heartbreaking video of a poor little girl cooking and feeding her little brother all by herself


Do you still remember how your childhood used to look like? While most of us were fortunate enough to spend our younger days playing with friends and siblings, these two poor children do not have the same luck as us. 

Unlike other girls her age who would play house where they feed their stuffed dolls with an imaginary meal, this girl has to the real deal where she had to cook and feed her little brother.

Just look at how skilled she is when she opens the lid, stirs the hot porridge and put a few full ladles of the porridge into the big white bowl. She then puts the lid back onto the huge wok and pick up a roasted corn that has been roasting in the fire.

The girl even lets her brother take the first bite on the corn then carefully blow the hot porridge and made sure that it was at the right temperature for him to consume.

This is certainly a heartbreaking sight that has been videoed. Sources suggest that the children lived somewhere in China. They must have gotten used to being independent.

Watch the touching video here and see for yourself how loving and caring the little girl is towards her little brother


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