This 7-year-old nunchuck master could be the next Bruce Lee

Credit: Ryuji Imai's facebook

Most seven-year-olds might still be struggling to button up their shirts or falling off the 2-wheel bicycle but not for this amazing boy.

Meet Ryusei Imaj, the mini ninja from Japan who has already made several appearances in television shows and viral videos.

At such a young age, Ryusei is already a Kung Fu master and he is incredibly good at it that he can emulate Bruce Lee’s moves without even watching the screen.

Do you think he does resemble Bruce Lee?

Credit: Ryuji Imai’s facebook

The resemblance is uncanny especially when he belts out the moves in a yellow and black outfit just like the one Bruce Lee wore in his famous ‘Game of Death’ film.

Credit: Ryuji Imai’s facebook

Watch Ryusei copies Bruce Lee’s astonishing nunchuck routine in perfect sync with the Kung Fu master here


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