Here are 12 photos of dads and their kids that just go to show you how awesome fathers are!


Parents are the primary source from where children learn to develop their cognitive and social skills. In many cultures, mothers are regarded as the primary caregivers and fathers are second to them.

However, this perception is slowly shifting as more and more families place equal importance for both parents to be involved in their child’s care.

Research has been done which proves that more involved fathers have the capacity to offer developmentally specific supplies to their children. A father’s involvement in parenting helps to reduce behavioral and psychological problems in their children.

They help increase a child’s social stability, educational achievement, and their potential to have a stable marriage in the future.

Here are 12 photos of fathers who display exceptional parenting:

#1 This dad wore short shorts to the supermarket in order to teach his daughter a lesson

#2 How to get your kids to do the chores in the 21st century

#3 What did this kid do to deserve this!?

#4 This dad wasn’t joking when he set the curfew, at least he was good enough to provide a blanket

#5 This is one way to deter boys from going after your daughter

#6 Just a regular tea-party with her dad

#7 Father-daughter duo busting out some dance moves on the beach

#8 There is no doubt they are father and daughter

#9 An Olaf needs an Elsa!

#10 When your father helps you with cheerleading

#11 Only a father could have come up with this 

#12 When cosplay and parenting intersect, you get someone like this


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