Woman leaves her son and husband alone together for one day—watch what happens


There are times when mothers need to leave their children to their husbands to take care at home, especially for working mothers.

Due to the challenges of the bad economic situation, both parents have to go to work thus they have to take turns taking care of their children. The same situation happened to the family in this video.

The couple, Emio and Stephanie just moved to Kansas City, Missouri, USA with their 21 month old son Xavier.

Due to monetary constraints, Emio decides to take care of Xavier while Stephanie goes to work

Emio ensures Stephanie that Xavier would be in good hands. So he decided to record their daily activities and prove to Stephanie that there is nothing to worry about.

Would Emio survive the day while keeping the house intact?

Watch the recording to find out:

Everything started normally. The house looks tidy and both of them are playing with some toys together

However, as the day goes by, things started to get a little out of hand

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