A new invention that keeps us dry from the rain—it is not only effective, but adorable as well


It is always good to prepare an umbrella or a raincoat during the rainy season. With the current technology of our time, people have become more creative in finding new ways to keep us dry from the rain.

Some people might prefer other means of protection from the rain than the umbrella. The umbrella is a hassle because you have to use your hands to hold it. It is also troublesome if you need your hands to open doors or carry a bag.

Meet the hands free umbrella rain hat

The headgear is shaped like a UFO and it serves the same function as an umbrella only you don’t need to use your hands. Based on the design, you are free to run around in the rain anywhere you like.

Here’s a short clip on how the headgear is used:

From the looks of it, you would be totally protected from getting wet in the rain

Some people might think it looks weird. But it is also adorable and effective considering you won’t have to carry an umbrella all the time



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