Baby sneaks up to an unsuspecting Husky and its response is too cute to handle!


Siberian Husky dogs are popular for their athletic and playful personality. These intelligent dog breed has also been known to be mischievous and should not be left alone on their own for a long time. So, when a little baby tries to sneak up on this Husky, people just cannot get enough of its gentle response!

The short clip shows an adult husky resting on a carpet in a living room with a baby that looks like under a year old.
Watch the video to see for yourself how the husky showers his lavish affection on the baby

The baby who is obviously intrigued by the husky’s thick fur, starts to crawl over and tried to pet him. At first, the baby could not quite reach the dog so he crawls closer towards him 

Just as when the little baby reaches his tiny hand to pet the dog’s pointy ear, the husky quickly rolls over under the baby’s little arms and licks him in the face!

The moment is so adorable when the husky lovingly lets the baby resting his weight on him while tugging the dog’s fluffy fur.

The baby even put his hand inside the husky’s mouth and surprisingly, the dog only nibbles gently on the baby’s hand. As if the dog knows that he is playing with a small baby and he needs to be as gentle and delicate as he can. Isn’t it the cutest?


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