His lover’s parents rejected him for being a construction worker—10 years later, they regretted their decision


Parents always want the best for their children and they often do anything that they deem the best for their children, even when it will break their children’s heart. In this story, a man shares his experience about what happened when status and money becomes the priority over love.

20 years ago, after his high school graduation, Michael decided to not continue his studies and worked as a construction worker like his father.

It was not his initial plan to become a construction worker but since his father could not afford to pay for his college fees, he decided that it was best for him to forget his dream to further his studies

His then girlfriend, Irene who later found out that Michael did not want to further his studies was furious with Michael. She did not want to end up with an uneducated man as her husband so she broke up with him

Michael was devastated when Irene walked away from his life. She was his first love back then.

It took him a while to recover from the break-up and Michael kept himself busy with his work to forget the pain

Months later, he met a girl named Judy. Soon, he and Judy fell in love with each other and they dated each other for two years.

One day, Judy brought Michael home where she introduced him to her parents. Sadly, her parents did not approve of their relationship when they knew what Michael did for a living. They even told him that he did not have a future if he continued to work as a construction worker.

Not long after that, he and Judy broke up. Michael found himself getting back to square one, just like when Irene and he broke up years ago

He was brokenhearted and felt hopeless over the break-up. However, he kept working hard until one day, his friends suggested to him to go to Australia where the pay was relatively high compared to Taiwan.

So Michael went to migrate to Australia and found a job as a construction worker at one construction site. At first, it was truly tough for him since he was not fluent in English and he was barely adapting in such a foreign place for him. But, he kept going on

After five years, he decided to go back to Taiwan and became a contractor. Years after years, he finally able to have his own construction company.

He became a very successful contractor and owned several high-profile real-estates across the country

One day, he heard the news that his first love, Irene had just divorced. She was married to a professor but her ex-husband cheated on her when he was away in China for a work trip. After the divorce, her ex-husband left her with their 5-year-old son.

In the meantime, Judy who was approaching her 40s was still unmarried because her parents always disapprove her choice.

Michael could only let a sigh when he heard what had happened to his former lovers. Unfortunately, he could not turn back the time. He hoped that one day, a woman could accept him as he was and so did her family.

His story serves a lesson to all parents who always want their child to follow their footsteps or wish and choose to ignore their children’s feelings. While it is understandable that all parents want the best for their children, they can never guarantee what the future has to offer to their children when they have fulfilled their wish.

Most of the time, it might be best to let children shape their own lives and make their own decision when it comes to love. Otherwise, they might end up like Judy or Irene.

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