10 most common fashion mistakes that many men do not realise


Men’s fashion can be quite tricky sometimes. Even though men seem to have a simpler fashion taste compared to women, there are numerous details about men’s clothing that they need to know in order to look stylish and attractive. Just one unnecessary button on a jacket can turn the whole look into a fashion faux pas so, these are 10 most common clothing mistake that you need to know to dress right and great.

#1 Sleeves that cover the wristwatch

It is fine for an office attire if your sleeve comes down at your wristbone but for a more relaxed look, roll up your sleeves to your elbows, especially if you like wearing a watch.

#2 Prints on T-shirts

Opt for a basic, plain T-shirt if you are going to wear a jacket over it. A good example of “less is more” is James Dean’s style in which he always looked classic and simple yet elegant.

Invest in a white T-shirt and a good leather jacket than print T-shirts that often go out of style.

#3 Long T-shirt sleeves

Unless you are into hip-hop style, baggy T-shirts with sleeves that reach your elbows are a big no. Clothes should compliment your figure and the first step to dressing great is to wear a well-fitting top.

Choose a T-shirt with sleeves that are no lower than the middle of your forearm.

#4 Wearing a belt and suspenders at the same time

Belts and braces should be worn separately. After all, they both have the same function; to keep your pants up so do not wear both at the same time.

#5 Wrinkled clothing

Ironing can be a tricky and tiresome chore but it is a must if you want to look presentable and smart. Wrinkled clothing looks sloppy and it also reflects badly on your personality.

#6 The wrong suit size

If you are buying a suit, it is always a good idea to pay a visit to the tailor. Your suit should effortlessly fit your body without hanging on it or fitting so tightly on your body.

#7 Buttoned-up jacket

Buttoning up a jacket is only allowed for a one-button jacket, a uniform or if you are receiving an award. Otherwise, keep the lower button unbuttoned and unbutton all buttons when you sit down.

#8 Tucking in your shirt

Some men prefer to wear their shirt straight over their pants, jeans or shorts but the truth is, the shirt should be tucked in, no matter what pattern it has or whether or not it has long or short sleeves.

#9 Stuffed pockets

Bulging pockets can ruin a perfect look. So, to avoid this fashion mistake, opt for a cardholder instead of wallet and only bring the necessary items if you are not going to wear a bag or put on a jacket.

#10 Wearing only black suit every day

Black suits undoubtedly look elegant and the safest choice but try experimenting with different pattern and colour like plaid suits and sand-coloured smart trouser. This little change may up your suit game more than you realise.


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