This famous Indian star once got married to a banana tree—she gained weight after her first birth and was accused as a national traitor


For those who are into Bollywood entertainment, you would probably know Aishwarya Rai, the beautiful Indian actress who have starred in countless films and dramas.

Born in 1973 to a traditional family in Southern India, Aishwarya has a fairly good upbringing. She finished her higher education, graduated from university and also worked as an amateur model. Because of her outstanding appearance, elegant manners and extraordinary demeanor, she quickly became the favored actress for many fans worldwide.

Aishwarya starred in many films and dramas as well as being a successful model for many brands

In 1994, Aishwarya won the ‘Miss World’ beauty pageant held in South Africa and then starred in several Indian TV dramas. She was featured in several masterpieces such as ‘Bohabbatein’, ‘Devdas’, ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ and other films. Her big blue-greenish eyes were mysterious, affectionate, and hypnotic.

Her eyes fascinated a large group of audiences from around the world and she soon became a household name in India

A scene from the movie ‘Devdas’

In 2003, the star was selected as the ‘world’s most charismatic woman’ winning 33% of the votes. The selection was held on the UK’s HELLO magazine website. The famous Madame Tussaud’s wax museum made a wax figurine of her.

She was the first Indian woman to be selected for this honor

Since then, Aishwarya’s position as India’s number 1 beauty has not been shaken. Her reputation was well known in India and internationally

However, her success as it turned out is not all glamorous. Even though her beauty and fame have put India at the top of the entertainment and cultural industry as well as conquered the hearts of many audiences across the globe, she is still not immune to criticisms which challenges traditional Indian culture.

Aishwarya was filming ‘Dhoom2’ when she fell in love with Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan

They planned to get married but was objected by soothsayers. According to them, based on Indian astrology, they predicted that Aishwarya would bring bad luck to her husband. So Abhishek’s father requested her to follow the Indian tradition of marrying one of India’s three Gods – Vishnu who is personified with the banana tree to rid her of bad luck. When Aishwarya has fulfilled his request then he would give his blessings to their marriage.

Believe it or not, India’s most prominent and beautiful got married to a banana tree

In 2007, Aishwarya and Absekja held a grand wedding and led a happy life after that. Aishwarya’s marriage did not stop her from pursuing her career. She began to grow more successful and her fame has reached its height. She acted in a few movies and received good reviews. This included ‘Akbar’, ‘Guzaarish’, ‘Enthiran’ and other high quality films.

At this time, India’s citizens love for Aishwarya has reached its peak

In November 2011, the superstar gave birth to a lovely baby girl. Being a mother and giving birth to a healthy baby should be a good news to all. But Aishwarya was ridiculed as her postpartum weight loss did not went smoothly. She began to put on weight and her image began to plummet. People and the media criticized her of being a ‘traitor’ towards her body.

They said that her weight gain was an insult to India

Fortunately, Aishwarya take no heed of the criticisms. Due to her being extremely well educated. She responded calmly to all the criticism that were hurled towards her: “I enjoy being a mother.”

Eventually, Aishwarya managed to successfully lose weight and she performed in a number of successful films. One of them is ‘Sarbjit’ which is considered to be the most highly reviewed.

She acted as a young woman who fought for 23 years to clear her brother’s name after he was posthumously accused of terrorism

This is a scene in the movie. It is shown that she did not put on any makeup and is getting older

It is true that society tends to judge a person based on his/her appearance. However, beauty and youth will fade as time progresses. The true worth of a person depends on how he/she is on the inside. Good character and heart will be remembered for generations to come. And that is what really counts.

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