10 things you shouldn’t put inside a microwave according to science


One of the most useful inventions of our time is the microwave. It is convenient and simple to use. Whether you are running late to work or you’re just too lazy to cook, a quick simple hot microwave meal would be just enough to satisfy your empty stomachs. The best part is you don’t even have to be an expert chef to prepare a ready made meal.

However, even with the most advance and sophisticated microwave oven, there a certain drawbacks or limitations on the way we should use it.

Here are 10 things that you should avoid putting inside your microwave if you want to prevent serious damage or injuries.

#1 Nothing

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A microwave focuses heat waves towards an object. If it is empty, there is nothing for the waves to focus on and it will heat the microwave itself. This can lead to a malfunction in the appliance or even explosion.

#2 Paper bags

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Certain paper bags are lined with plastic inside them to prevent moisture from tearing up the paper. The plastic can melt when the microwave is turned on and this will emit toxic fumes and can even caught on fire.

#3 Aluminium foil

Aluminium is a type of metal. Let’s just say metals and microwaves are sworn enemies and can never get along. The electromagnetic field inside the microwave can cause sparks which leads to fire when came in contact with the aluminium foil.

#4 Uncovered sauce

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This may not be dangerous. But you sure will have a lot of time cleaning the mess. The heat will cause the sauce to expand and if it is not covered, it will splattered all around the microwave.

#5 Chili peppers

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Chili peppers can literally burn. If they don’t catch on fire, the heat will cause them to release chemicals. These chemicals can burn your eyes when you open the microwave door. The pain is comparable to a pepper spray.

#6 Butter containers

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Most containers used to store dairy products like butter or yogurt are not dense enough to withstand high levels of heat. The plastic may melt and contaminate the food inside. And as already mentioned, plastic can easily catch fire. But then again, who would want to heat a butter inside the container?

#7 Styrofoam

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Styrofoam is highly toxic even in room temperatures. It will easily melt under high temperatures and will contaminate your food. Some studies have suggested that styrofoam can release toxins which causes cancer.

#8 Travel mugs

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Certain travel mugs are made of stainless steel. As you already know, steel is a type of metal and thus, not suitable for microwaves.

#9 Grapes

If you have been paying attention in your science class you would know that water expands in high temperatures. The water inside the fruit have no room to escape hence, will cause it to explode.

#10 Frozen meat

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Directly cooking frozen meat inside a microwave is risky. For one thing, there is no way to tell if the heat is evenly distributed throughout the meat. Uncooked meat will result in the spreading of bacteria which can lead to food poisoning. It is better to defrost the meat first.

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