10+ images that will make you laugh out loud—you won’t believe these are all coincidences!


Imagine you are walking on the street. It is just another typical day when suddenly, you stumbled upon your ‘twin’ sitting inside a cafe. You have never met this person in your entire life. But he looks exactly like you and to add up, he even wears the same clothes as you! Yup, life sometimes is full of surprises. You wouldn’t know what to expect or who you might encounter. 

Below are images which consists of moments which happened by coincidence. Some are bizarre, while most of them are down right hilarious! Have you experienced anything similar? Do share your thoughts.

#1 Seeking shelter — the three birds fit perfectly under the roof

Credit: © Prostoilogin / pikabu.ru

#2 Images in posters sometimes are different from the real thing — not this time, the person and the model in the poster are the same person

Credit: © Starskeyhq / reddit.com

#3 Plan your expenses wisely — at least it would be easier to remember if the receipt is lost

Credit: © Gaaaaaar / reddit.com

#4 Four ladies with the same clothes and hair color —  nope, they’re not sisters and they don’t even know each other

Credit: © adamhall81 / reddit.com

#5 Ever heard of cannibalism? — well, this is the sweet soft kind

Credit: © Unknown author / imgur.com

#6 When nail polish meets chewing gum — the difference between them is that only one can be chewed

Credit: © mobprincess / reddit.com

#7 A chilling encounter — this icicle that is shaped like Florida is found in Florida

Credit: © SmokedMullet / reddit.com

#8 Talk about your outfit of the day

Credit: © Kidarcus / reddit.com

#9 This would be less awkward if its from a Halloween party or cosplay convention — believe it or not, each of them have never even met before

Credit: © excitotox / reddit.com

#10 Can’t tell which one is the chair or the legs — Guess both are from the same designer?

Credit: © adoptabeagle / reddit.com

#11 Chicken nugget shaped like a chicken — oh the irony, or maybe a different version of reincarnation?

Credit: © yowza4ter / reddit.com

#12 We usually heard the saying “three is a crowd” — Same face, same style,  but different person

Credit: © thrashbandit / reddit.com

Have you ever stumbled upon an unexpected coincidence? Why not share them in the comment section.


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